J-line Monofilament

by izuobros on April 24, 2012

Our J-Line premium monofilament and fluorocarbons are made in Japan exclusively for us!

Our standard smoke-colored monofilament is strong, smooth and has a smaller diameter than other lines. We have been selling this fishing line for more than 30 years. It is a staple in the tackle boxes of many anglers here in Hawaii. J-Line also features IGFA class line (30, 50, 80 and 130).

Fluorocarbon (Original Formula, Softer FX, and NEW Sakura Pink)

J-line Flourocarbon Line

J-Line Original 100% Fluorocarbon

THE SECRET IS OUT! We were one of the first companies to introduce 100% fluorocarbon to the United States market and today, our fluorocarbon is the most widely-used leader material in Hawaii. We have been selling our Original red-label 100% fluorocarbon since the mid 1990′s. It has been proven to out-catch regular monofilament. No wonder we sell so much of it!




J-Line FX Fluorocarbon Line

J-Line FX 100% Fluorocarbon

We introduced the 100% fluorocarbon FX formulation because of its softer feel and easier cast ability than our original formula.





J-line Sakura Flourocarbon line

New! J-Line Sakura Pink 100% Fluorocarbon

Sakura pink is the newest addition to our growing selection of 100% fluorocarbon monofilaments.






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